Rates per person for the whole stay

Rates are per person and all inclusive including your room, 3 luxury meals per day, and all onsite activities. But please note the separate instructional fee below.

  1. Three or more in the room: $ 570
  2. Two people/room: $ 645
  3. Individual rooms: $ 795
  4. Youth rates (assuming 3 or more in their room) :
    • 12-16 years old: $395
    • 5-11 years old: $345
    • 3-4 years old: $260 

(Please note: Jouvence always charges per person for staying on site and access to the site and all the activities is tied in to the meal plan.)

Offsite rates/day visit rates

  • 9 - 5 PM : $ 24 (includes lunch)
  • 9 - 11 PM : $ 49 ( includes lunch and dinner).  The 11 PM can be considered "flexible", won't be an issue to stay until all activities done.

*Plus 15% tax, CAD $

 1 day Go fee - 30$ full day , 15$ half day 

Also, Go instruction fees of 150$  (including renting meeting area) will be paid upon arriving at the camp (non-participants of the Go instruction part of the camp pay no fee). 

For children 10 or younger and also 10K or weaker we will offer a discounted instructional rate.  Often such youth do participate in the games, but they skip many reviews/lectures/etc.  So for these players we will offer a rate of 75$.

Individuals looking to split a room can contact the CGA and we will do our best to match you with other go players looking for a roommate.  See Registration section for more info.

The earlier you can register the better we can arrange the event.  We need bookings well in advance to arrange for potential additional professional instructors.  And of course if the facility is full that is out of our control, booking earlier will be safer.  Their cancellation policy is very generous so in an emergency you can safely withdraw without penalty.

Full Cancellation policy:

Deposit fee must be 30% of the final expected cost. Full refund of deposit fee if cancellation is made 10 days before the start date. 80% refund of deposit fee if cancellation is made between 9 and 4 days before start date. No deposit refund if cancellation is made 3 days or less before the start date.  A very generous cancellation policy!




LES HAVRES (INDIVIDUAL COTTAGES - Priority to families of 4 or more

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