Step 1: You should ensure everyone in your party has an account on the CGA web site.  These ID's will be used to enter rated games in the CGA database post event, and also give us a contact point for camp participants.

Step 2 Email the CGA ( with those in your family who will attend.  Name, age, sex, rank (non-player include rank as appropriate).  Please note if the registrant does not plan on participating in Go activities (for example a parent of a child).

Step 2:

Determine if you will stay on site, or if you are trying to save extra costs by staying offsite.  If you wish to stay offsite please let the CGA know with your initial email to us.  We’re not sure if we will have any registrants wishing to do this, so we will take note of interested parties and make a plan for them once we find out if they exist,  The rest of the registration instructions will assume you are staying on site.

Note: We strongly recommend on staying on site.  It will give you the most integrated experience, and these are very affordable prices for the included package of meals, room, and facilities.

Step 4

Determine who you will share a room with.  Jouvence will generally manage the accommodation bookings, but we need to tell them the room groupings.  If you are a family this probably comes automatically.  But as an individual or a couple you way wish to share your room with others to reduce cost.  Our understanding is that for an adult costs don’t go down after 3 in a room, but it is certainly significantly cheaper with 3/4 than as a single.  Of course if you like you can choose 1 or 2 in a room.

If you don’t have a grouping of your own to fill a room just let us know.  We’ll email you with a suggested grouping.  Of course for last minute registrations we may find it harder to arrange this.

I don’t think anyone should worry about being in a room with compatible study partners.  The pavillion has common areas where Go study will go on late into the night, and you can study there.  Rooms are really only needed for sleep.

Each room comes with its own bathroom.

Step 5 (final step)

Contact Jouvence (1-800-567-3134), and make your deposit.  Please be explicit when contacting them that you are registering for the Go camp, as other attendees will be sharing the resort with us.  Then let them know who you are sharing a room with (if anyone).  We will be checking with Jouvence regularly, and once we are notified of  your payment your registration status will be moved to final.

If calling isn't convenient, you can also register by filling out this form and sending it by email to

Email registration