Registration states:

  • Preliminary: You have sent your info to the CGA, and room assignment is known, but Jouvence is not paid yet
  • Roommate: Working on a group to share a room with, info is with the CGA.  It is possible to make an individual deposit with Jouvence at this stage (and we have some preference for this, especially for a long wait to find roommates), or you can wait to make your deposit once the grouping in your room is final.
  • Offsite: Intending to stay offsite
  • Final: Jouvence has received your deposit


 Player name
 Age Level Participating Hometown Registration State
 YoonYoung Kim
 Adult 8P Instructor Montreal Final
 Manuel Velasco
 Adult 6D Yes Montreal Final

Room 2  

Registration State
 James Sedgwick
 Adult 5D Yes Toronto Final
 Meng Sun
 Adult 10K No Toronto Final
 Alice Sedgwick
 16 3K Yes Toronto Final
 Owen Sedgwick
 14 6K Yes Toronto Final
 Veronika Keras 15 6K Yes Toronto Final

Room 3

 Player name
 Level Participating Hometown Registration State
 Pierre-Yves Lafleche Adult 4D Yes Sherbrooke
 Maxime Paiement Adult 1K Yes  Cowansville Final
 Robert Lafleche Adult 1K Yes Orford Offsite

Room 4

 Player name
 Age Level Participating Hometown Registration State
 Marc-Andre Bonin
 Adult 16K Yes Sherbrooke Final

Room 5

Player nameAge   Level Participating  Hometown Registration state
Xinyang Xu
 Adult 5K yesOntario
Na Gu
 Adult 15k NoOntario
Timothy Xu 10 15k  Ontario Preliminary
Michael Xu 7 6k  Ontario Preliminary
 Christopher Xu 5 20k  Ontario Preliminary

Room 6

Player nameAge  Level Participating  Hometown Registration state
 Bareche Yacine
 Adult 6K YesMontreal
 Remi Campagnie Adult 6D YesMontreal Final

Room 7

Player name  Age   Level Participating    Hometown   Registration state
  Benoit Potvin  Adult  10K  Yes Sherbrooke, QC  Final

Room 8
 Player name
 Age Level Participating Hometown Registration State
Gabriel Barbeau-Hénault Adult 13K Yes SherbrookeFinal
 Philippe Carphin
 Adult 10K Yes MontrealFinal
 Marc-André Fontaine
 Adult 8K YesSherbrooke Final

Room 9

 Player name
  Age Level  Participating
HometownRegistration State
 Pascal Leveille Adult 3K Yes Sherbrooke Final

Room 10

  Player name   Age Level ParticipatingHometown Registration State 
 David Parisot Adult 8K Yes Montreal Final

Room 11

 Player name AgeLevel   Participating Hometown Registration State
 Benjamin Cerat  Adult 1D Yes Montreal Final
 Sabrina  Adult  No  Montreal Final